McIntosh MA2275 int tube Amp...OPINIONS PLEASE

I am going to pair MA2275 with Montana EPS2 speakers.
What do you think of this pairing??
ALSO opinions on this McIntosh amp would be appreciated
Thank you
Not familiar with the Montana speakers, so can only comment on many auditions of the Mac 2275. Love it, first the sound too the features and the build. First rate in every way. The MA2275 was first on my list, decided to go with the MA6600, only on the off chance I may had to have replaced the tubes within five years. Two kids in their college years, keeps all spending on toys to a minumum. The MAC makes sweet music. Let us know which way you go. Glen
MA2275 compared to what? I have a MC275 which is essentially the amp section of the 2275 and love it. It is my first tube amp and a keeper for a good while as far as I'm concerned. However there are always better sounding options at different price points and/or for different tastes.

Also, you get certain features on the preamp section that you may or may not want, so that's also based on tastes and habits. For example, I'd rather get a preamp costing as much as the C220 (essentially the preamp section of the 2275) but with less features because I'd rather have all the budget spent on sound and can do without remote, source level matching, etc. Question is would you do the same?