Mcintosh MA2275?

Has anyone tried the MA2275? If you have, let me know what you think.
Thank you.
Hi Asonicyouth, thank you for your response. Can you tell me about the phono stage on this unit. Have you used it.
Thank you.
I havent used the phono stage as i have a low output cart. Bu i assume it is the same phono stage as on the C2200 which you can find mentioned in reviews such as stereophile. I am, however making an assumption here i have not looked into the matter. Hope this helps.
Thank you, Matt, I'll guess I'll have to try it when I in fact get the unit. I'm expecting delivery of one any day now, and I'm very anxious. I've auditioned Mcintosh a couple years ago, and was very happy with what I heard. A very clean, and natural sound.
I bought a 2275 last Summer and have recently swapped out
all the tubes, Installed S&S Kt88 and filed the other
holes with NOS stuff. Unbelievable detail and sound stage.
I have a small room and their hooked to some Tannoys DC3's
through TARALAB BI-wire speaker cables and TARALAB Interconnects.