McIntosh MA 7900 impressions/experience?

I have an NAD M3 driving the new Bryston Mini T's and am looking at getting a McIntosh MA7900.

Want to hear people's impressions of the 7900 and how it would better or compare to the NAD M3.

Other suggestions? Please provide insight on the Mac. I need pre-outs for subs.

I have Mac separates and love them in my home theater - haven't heard the new integrateds from Mac.

Thanks for the help AGon
I would grab it. The Mac dealers I have worked with don't discount off new.
I would ask the New York dealer that has the 1 year old MA7900 demo amp how many times the unit has gone out for demo. How many times has it traveled in the trunk of someones car. Or, has the MA 7900 just stayed in the store for the one year.

I suggest you ask about the history of the unit before you buy it. If you buy it, please review the full warranty to ensure everything is covered. How long is the warranty period? I would ask the dealer to certify in writing the unit is 100% to ensure everything is working before you take it home.

Most likely, I would accept the 20% discount assuming the dealer certifies the amplifier's operation in writing. It sounds like a great opportunity to own a McIntosh.
I recently purchased the MA8900 which is essentially the MA7900 with an upgradable DAC.  In short, I'm disappointed.  I had a Hegel H360 before this, and to me the Hegel is head and shoulders the better sounding amp.  To my ears, the Mac sounds lifeless.  A lot of the detail, three-dimensionality, and "air" that the Hegel brought out with ease is lost with the Mac.  Some people might call this effect "warmth", but to me it just strips the music of life.  I've lost the ability to get lost in the music, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a good stereo in the first place.  Just my $.02.