McIntosh MA-7000 vs. MA-2275

I am downsizing my system and looking for thoughts. I am also interested in what speakers you would recomend.

I guess that's the real question Speakers powered with 75 tube watts or 250 watts SS

Thanks Don
What size room will your system be in as that will be a factor in direction of speaker and amp. Pending on the room use, life style issues play a bigger roll.

Having said that, if you can put up with the minor fuss of tubes, I would go with MA 2275, that I think is just a very special unit. Speaker wise, let your ears do the talking, I love my VSA 4jr's. AS they are good with tubes and SS. Post your choices. Good hunting. Glen
Glen - I second your opinion. I had a 6900 and switched to the 2275. Much better sound with tubes. I run it into Spendor SP100's.
Room size is normal 12' X 16' X 8' tall
Looking small Thiel's, J&M labs Micro Utiopa's, and maybe even getting another McIntosh CS-350 center speaker and standing them up as a pair. I already own one. Has anybody ever tried the CS-350 in a stereo set-up?
Thanks Don
I would pass on CS-350's on stereo configuration.

JM Labs Utopia series are hard to beat for the price.