Mcintosh MA-6500 OR Mc-162 amp with c-15 preamp ?


I can either get a Mcintosh MC-162 amp w/ C-15 Pre for 1700 or MA6500 integrated for 2200. (price difference of 500)

Both= used condition. Havent heard pre/amp combo so quality wise dont know how better/worse it is from 6500. I heard 6500 & was blown away.
They say separates are better, but what do u suggest in my situation.
I hear c15 was made when clarion bought em & clarion was on mcintosh's butt about makin somethin affordable (1500$ msrp of c-15) & I hear c15 wasnt a "mcintosh" product since most parts inside are cheap parts. I also hear 6500 is exact same as mc-162 & c15?. So Im in a dilemma & not sure which to pick. My speakers are 805S B&W.

Please let me know which one I should get in terms of better sound quality

I don't know where you got your info on the C15, but it isn't a piece of junk as you suggest. I've owned one, and it is a good unit and affordable. As far as I know, Clarion's ownership of Mac didn't diminish their product at all. In fact, Carion did many things to help Mac, especially giving them a water-cutting machine to help make the faceplates better.
If the 6500 is exactly the same as the C15 and MC-162, the separates should be better in my opinion. And if the C15 is crappy the 6500 should be crappy too. But you say you were blown away. So it doesn't make sense that the C15 could be crappy.
I agree with Rwwear, I think the info you were given is suspect. His analogy makes sense. The question should be, do I have the room for seperates, or should I stick with a single unit. The seperates give you more flexibility, in that you can change either the preamp or the amp at a later date and not have to scrap the whole setup. That's the route I'd take, if it was me. All the pieces you mention are excellent sounding.