McIntosh MA-6500;Enough for Maggie 3.6's?

Fellow listeners and music lovers,
I presently own Magnepan 1.6qr speakers driven by the McIntosh MA-6500 (200w @ 4ohms). The system has been great! I am planning on upgrading to the 3.6's. Will the McIntosh give sufficient amp performance. Has anyone owned or used this combo, to include the Mcintosh MA-6900?

Thank you for your guidance and help, Happy Listening!
I think the MA6500 definitely will be able to drive your Maggies. I use it to drive the Shahinian Diapason which are one of the most difficult and most power-hungry speakers on the market, with a seperate bass and a high module, and changing impedance at that. The MA6500 drives them with ease, even with the energy-demanding large-scale symphonies, operas and hip-hop music I listen to. Another combination I listened to was the MA6500 and the new Dynaudio C2 - another successful combination
No problem for the 6500, I am sure. I have listened to a 6100 pushing full range Thiels with no problems and actually sounding incredible (70W from 1973). All just amazing integrateds in every department. Buy the 3.6s and love your Mc even more. I love mine! Arthur