McIntosh MA 6100 Preamp/Amp question?

I just picked up a McIntosh MA 6100, don't know much about it, but it was to good a deal to pass up. Anyway my questions is if the jumpers from the preamp to the amp are removed, I am assuming that you can use it as just a preamp? Is this correct or has anyone used it in this configuration? Also which is the better part of the system, the amp or preamp? Any input would be appreciated.
Hi, when you remove the jumpers you are essentialy disconnecting the preamp from the power amp on this unit. In this scenario you can now use the preamp outs of this unit on another external power amp. Or you can use the power amp ins with a different external preamp. As far as which section is better, the preamp or power amp section you would have to experiment. My guess having owned previous MAC gear, is I like their power amps better than their preamps. Try different brand of preamps.
The above response is right on target. While the two units were made to worke together and might be 'matched', you can bypass either one with no ill effects.
I've had a 6100 for the past 15 yrs. and though I have other Mac amps and preamps as well as a couple of other brands of tube preamps (NICE ones!) I can tell you the preamp section of the 6100 is GOOD and believe it or not,what I'm currently using with an MC2200 power amp. It's sooooooo smooth. If you have efficient speakers use the whole unit; Unclejeff is right...the unit IS matched and very sweet sounding when used as it was intended. Be careful with your choice of cables when connecting the preamp and power amp or better yet,contact McIntosh and get a pair of the original plug-in connectors.