McIntosh MA 6100 modifications

I have a McIntosh MA6100 integrated amp which needs some attention (occasionally distortion in one channel which goes away after 15 minutes). My question does anyone have any recommendations or links for updating suggestions while we fixing the amp. Thanks in advance......
I had the speaker terminals changed to modern types that would accommodate spades that were larger, as well as a new , better quality input jack, and an IEC nput so that I could use a different power cord. Since mine was so old, (Mac 2105) I also had him replace the transistors and pu in new caps.
Audio Classics in upstate New York is a McIntosh specialist shop. I'd give them a call, but if you're in S. California, Tom at Brooks Berdan Ltd. (a Mac dealer) in Monrovia is an excellent tech with lots of Mac experience and knowledge.
Besides Roxy's excellent suggestions, an LED kit may be available. Not sure where you're located, but consider giving Audio Classics in Vestal NY a call. They are true experts with this stuff and are pretty reasonable, too. Good luck & happy listening!
thanks for the good advice. i'll call them tomorrow. always looking for a good reason for a road trip to LA!!
I'm sure you've already taken care of this, but when my Mac gear needed servicing I just sent it back to Mac. You would be stunned at how reasonable their repair costs are, and when you get it back it will meet or exceed original factory specs.  They can also update the speaker connectors, etc..