mcintosh laserdisc player MLD 7020

Hello all, I am have just finally after many years bought a great laserdisc player that i wanted in '97 but could not afford.. the Mcintosh MLD-7020 Laserdisc player.. i know it is supposed to have awesome audio and video.. and based on a Pioneer CLD-97 (which is still considered one of the best LD players made) i was able to get this Mcintosh and it will be delivered in about a week.. I have read many times that it was not tweaked but have also heard that it was tweaked in the power supply and the DACS.. if anyone owns one .. does anyone know if Mac did anything to it.. ? Regardless.. i cannot wait to hook it up and watch my LD's on it.. I am retiring my old aging Yamaha CDV-870 LD player to the bedroom.. thanks for any info anyone has on this Mac.. !

The only modification I know of is the addition of an AC-3 RF out for Dolby Digital. There may be others.
Well.. Guess what? I got the MLD 7020 yesterday and hooked in into My samsung DLP with my Monster Silver Video M series composite cabel and monster ref 2 audio cables and it is now officially the best cd player i own.. it just sounds more "natural" .. I am almost positive Mac tweaked the audio!! I can tell.. anyways The laserdisc part is simply stunning.. it rival's dvd in color saturation and certain discs just look more "fimlike" than the counterpart dvd and the sound as well like ; Top Gun thx edition, Indiana Jones trilogy and more.. what a great piece...i love it! If anyone else out there owns one of t hese let me know.. i am enjoying it!!
A big California "BOOYA!" to ya, Audiomike1!
You go boy!... let's go get that ol' Laser Disc revolution resurected all over again!
The sound of a good laserdisc is hard to beat by any other source. It is analog.
these players rock!
Ive got the technical manual somewhere if you want it. Drop me an amail and Ill send it to you (ianj1972 at