McIntosh Intergraded

What is the best sounding Mac intergraded out there? It can not be deeper then 14".
I am trying to decide between the MA-6100 or the MA-6200.I think the 6100 looks better. Can someone help me make up my mind? I use Cremona Auditors for speakers.
I own the MA6200. Recently got it back from service to repair the Tape button. This is a beautiful amp that mates well with so many speakers. I'm currently driving Sonus Faber Signums and I'm stunned at the bass control. I've only heard good things about both, but everything I've read suggests finding the funds to get the MA6200. Although, I might agree the MA6100 looks cooler. I've also tried the MA6450 with greast results as well.
I believe the 6100 is 75w is that enough for my Auditors? The 6200 is 100w does the extra 25w wake a whole lot of difference ?
Personally I don't think Mac is a good match with Auditors, I found Mac a little slow and not that dynamic, also the Auditors are power hungry and 100 w is definetely not enough.
Do you have a suggestion for an intergraded with tone controls that will match my Auditors or speakers that would be a good match with the Mac? I am ready for a change.I'm using the Logos to push the Auditors sounds great but the quality of music I listen to needs help.Lots of 50's rock.
I have a 6200 and I would recommend it over the 6100. I'm not familiar with the Auditors, so I can't comment on compatibility. The 6200's Power Guard and 5 band EQ are worth any price difference that you'll come across between the two models. It's a very nice sounding amp. If you don't need a remote, and listen to LPs, it's even better.
Actually I was thinking to suggest you one of the Pathos integrated... but then i realize they don't have tone controls. I listen mostly soft rock/ jazz with your same system (Pathos + Auditor), but i know what you mean when you say that your music needs some " help", I tryed the Krell 400x with the Auditor and definitely it gives that "punch" I guess your looking for... the Krell is faster and with tighter bass then the Logos, but maybe a little more fatiguing to my ears after a while.
Give it a shot, you're not gonna waste your time.
Let me know your impressions.
Thanks I will check on the Krell.I don't think punch is what I am looking for when it comes to listening to 50's.The recordings back then sometimes need a little extra bass or treble nothing to extreme.I always wanted to try vintage Mac who knows I might not like it.
Can the Mac 6100 play on 4 ohm speakers?
the '62 will do 100watts per at 4ohm. 75watts per at 8.
i use a 6200 for a preamp with an mc7150. it's a good combo but the 6200 can stand quite well on it's own. and i agree with the previous comment about the warmth on vinyl from the 62. remember, it was designed/mfg'd in the late 70's "pre-digital". your old record collection would just love an ma6200.