Mcintosh integrated Vs amp

I recently bought a technics turntable SL-1300 and want to buy a Mcintosh to go with. I don't know what to look for as I'm a novice in this area (only used to my parents 70's console) My music will eventually play with some speakers in a 12 x 12 room but for now headphones.

I'm budget strapped too and aware I'm going to make some sacrificies with features, but my interest will be limted to playing vinyls. Also, why dwould I want to have an integrated amp that has tone controls?

Thank you for your advice
If you are a budget strapped headphone listen then look into a decent headphone amp and upgrade to McIntosh integrated amps if and when you want and can afford them. There bis a good Headphone cite where you can learn about those amps. The Schiit company is getting a lot of good press, and yes that is the name, you may want to investigate.
This is a tough question. Tone controls will help if you have problems resulting from your room like too much bass or too much treble. You can use tone controls to correct this for the most part until you figure out how to correct the problem using different placement techniques and correction devices. (If you choose to do so). They can also help with bad recordings. Integrateds have come a long way and are a less expensive alternative to separates. If you really like headphones and think you always will but still want through speakers you should check out the Cary SLI-80 used.
The McIntosh and the Cary are dream machines to say the least. I have a McIntosh MA 6600 integrated and have always wanted a Cary SLI-80. Happen to have the Technics SL 1600.

But if funds are indeed an issue, start out well but less expensive. The Marantz PM series of integrated amps would be a fine choice if on a budget. The PM8004 has even a mid range tone adjustment along with the bass and treble. Headphone and turntable capable. Sounds great. Would serve you well until funds might permit the McIntosh.
Many thanks for all your feedback. I happen to have about $1,500 to spend and from what I've seen I could get a decent Amp 2505, or a good classic intergated MA6200 or crossing my fingers, a used MA6300 (no tone controls) or one of its predecessors. I guess I could also wait a couple of months and save some more.
Should you decide to save up some more, you won't be sorry. Part of the fun of having a system is having what you actually want and not just what you could settle for. Good hunting.
...Part of the fun of having a system is having what you actually want and not just what you could settle for. Good hunting...

I learned that early on in this hobby and, IMHO, it is sage advice.
I agree with Glenfihi. If you save a little more and I'm not talking a lot more, it will pay off. I would buy used. I did and it really paid off. Especially amps. Speakers I'm Leary of buying used speakers unless I can drive to get them. That's just me though.
I have a McIntosh preamp with defeatable tone controls. I think of them like air bags in a car that only deploy when needed. In audio, that means when the source material is poorly recorded or in poor condition, but you want to listen to the music anyway. About 95% of the time, I use the tone bypass feature, but it is nice to know they are there if needed.

I love the Mac sound. I also bought mine used. The beauty of buying used is that if you aren't happy, you can usually resell the item for most, if not all, of what you paid for it.

I say, go for it. I like tubes, but the least expensive Macs are the solid state units that came out in the late '60s through the '80s. They are well built, but some parts do age, which can affect, or destroy, the unit's performance. I got mine from They specialize in used Mac gear, and service what they sell. Give Ryan Kilpatrick a call. He's a terrific guy and knows his stuff.