Mcintosh Integrated design question...

Hi There,
Do any of you know what the differences in design are between the MA 6500 and the 6300? I heard they are different in sound, but how so if you know? Were any major upgrades done for the 6300? I know both are excellent, but I'm curious as to what is different in design etc from the early 2000's to now. Thank you.
Your best and most accurate answers will come from McIntosh call either Chuck Hinton or Ron Cornelious the 800 number is on the website. They are both very informative.
You can also check out [uel][/url]. It's a high end audio forum that probably has one of the largest mcIntosh forums/users on the web that i am aware of. I am sure if you post your question there, you will get many useful responses.
I found it rare to get a complete or detailed response from Chuck or Ron, so I wish you better success than I had in the past. is the link again to
I asked Ron Cornelius a couple of years ago about upgrading from a 6200 to a 6300 (I was deciding between the 63 and the 65).
His response:

These are both good models (63 and 65) and you seem to have a good understanding of the differences. We may have made the 6300 to close to our high end models in that is is not as thick sounding as the other integrated amps. This is a subtle difference though. Performance wise I would prefer the 6300 but both will be more modern than the 6200.

Ron Cornelius
Also, search the the McIntosh section on Audiokarma.