McIntosh Integrated Amp

I recently purchased a Yamaha N803 receiver from World Wide Stereo near my home and I'm ok with it.  I'm within their 60 day grace period and I'm considering upgrading.  I love McIntosh and they have an MA 5200 for $4500 I am considering.  I like streaming, presently streaming Spotify.  Would I need more equipment to stream and to get radio signals with that Integrated amp?  Would my sound be that much better?  I have Vandersteen model 1s. Thanks for any advice.  Doug 
I think I may be suffering from a little stereo fever. I may just take a breath and follow previous advice on this site, maybe upgrade to the Vandersteen 2s or sigs, maybe a sub.  Thanks for understanding. 
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Find a 5300 for $4k (which I found), then you’re on to something!