McIntosh Integrated

Which is the best sounding of the current Mac integrateds, the three SS and the tube version. Is there an older model that is better than any of these. Power is not an issue as I have 89db speakers with a very easy impedance curve. Thnak you.
Well, matter of factly, the lowest wattage of all is the MA-2275, which I own. What's your posion?? SS or tube?? You know my way of thinking by what I own. If you like SS and don't need alot of power and is cheaper, would be the MA6300. There are some features not found on the MA6300 though. No tone controls, no record monitor, lower wattage and would you like LED or bulbs with that amp? Does that matter or carry any decision weight? The MA6500 at 20 watts more has bass and treble controls, and the MA6900 with it's 200 watts, has a 5 band equalizer? Would you be interested in tweaking the sound of your unit and enjoy the so-called, tube sound? Then the fiber optic lit MA2275 with tone controls, tone bypass switches along with a record monitor switch, may be what you're after. As`far as an older model goes, there are better discontinued SS versions, BUT, McIntosh has never built a better tube integrated than the MA-2275.
2275 and 6900
What intrigues me about the 6900 is the futionality of the autoformer, not available on the 6300 or 6500, the 2275 obviously has transformers that acomplish much the the same thing as do most tube amps. I understand the theory behind the autoformer, but I'm not sure it sounds any better than the direct coupled 63,6500s. I don't need much power. I'm leaning towards the SS becaue I already own a CAT JL2 amp, and a 30 watt class A tube integrated. I've heard Mac SS satisfies tube lovers, and they are obviously less costly over time, and perhaps more reliable over time. That being said, if the 2275 clearly sounds better than its SS brehtren, I choose it. I do wonder if there are better discontinued SS integrateds in the line and what they would be.
I owned the 6900 although I never got to fully hear its potential because of poor speakers. Since the 2275 entered the McIntosh integrated line, it has been praised by most as their best integrated. Since you have the choice I would try the 2275 and if you don't care for the sound, it has excellent resale value.
Ok. It seems that it is between the 6900 and 2275. I assume that some of you have purchased on or the other auditioned both, and I would like feedback on that comparison (like Foster_9s). Another option would be to go for the MC252 to use with my Joule LA-150MK II pre. Thank you.
I have heard them all and would go with the MA2275, hands down. It is very hard to beat that beautiful integrated.

Does the 2275 come with KT88 or 6550? Is their a preference for one tube over the other?
One more question, how are tubes biased with the 2275?
keep the joule, and get an mc275mk 3 or 4.
Does the 2275 come with KT88 or 6550? Is their a preference for one tube over the other?
It comes with KT88's; I have 6550's I received from McIntosh, their KT88's are better. As for tube rolling, search the has been stated by others to change the (little) preamp tubes first.
I thought this might be helpful to others...I have a MA 6900 on home demo right now from my local dealer. I've always been curious about Mac & my dealer was kind enough to indulge me. Granted my speakers, Coincident Partial Eclipse 2's are ideal for tubes, I've also heard they are excellent w/SS. I could live without retubing, biasing, etc. The bottom line is....the Cary SLI-80 is head & shoulders better everywhere except bass which is more pronounced & defined on the Mac, which should be given, it's 200wpc. I was expecting & hoping for more, but the Mac just lacks the magic of the Cary. All IMO, of course, given my setup, room, etc.
I have owned 6450, 6500, and 6900. All are excellent. I now use the C220 preamp & MC275 IV. Even though there is less power, a tube warm up period, it has been my biggest improvement by far!
Sure, tubes rule!! I have had all manner of SS amps and none of them compare to my McIntosh MC240.

The highs on the McIntosh SS integrateds are grainy although the 6900 is marginally better than the other two. The difference between their high-end gear and the three integrateds is quite large to my ears.
regards, David
In absolute terms, I agree the MA6500 has slightly grainy highs. But for $2000 used, that is not a fault - only a cost savings.