Mcintosh integrated


Does anyone have experience with a Mac integrated? I have been considering a 6900. Do they give up a lot to a Mac amp such as a 252? Any other suggestions for a sweet sounding (and powerful) solid state amp?


I use to have the 6900. It was one-dimensional in my system and lacking as far as involvement. But, everything(and I mean everything) is system dependent so don't go by my experiences. In your room, with your speakers and source it could be a different experience. I've heard of plenty others who enjoy the 6900. One thing, the build quality and power is excellent. For sweet sounding powerful integrateds you can look at the Plinius 9200, Dussun V8i (imho a best buy in audio), and the NAD M3 (another high end sleeper). All these are powerful and very good high end integrateds.
I have owned several McIntosh integrated as well as other brands. The last Mcintosh I owned was the MA6500 and I was very impressed with the way it sounded. I would still own it but it was just too large to fit the new location my equipment is now in. I felt is was very forgiving with both source and speakers and had a very smooth tube like sound. I thought only McIntosh with Autoformer outputs had that quality. The 6900 should sound even better. Good luck and I do not think you can go wrong with McIntosh electronics.
i don't think you give anything up
Had the 6300 here for a week. It was startlingly close to my 501/2200 combo.

I listened to both a 6900 and an C220/MC252 combo. Based on what I heard, it did not take long to decide for the latter for only $1200 extra (the separate combo was on sale that day, but I would have probably gone for it anyway).

The C220 tube pre is the best I've heard in that price range (try both the 6900 and the C220 with headphones and a familiar CD and you'll see what I mean).
The MA6900 is a great choice if you need power or need to drive difficult loads such as 2 or 4 Ohm speakers.

The MA6500 is slightly less powerfull but has a greater damping factor and results in tighter sound, but not at all less sweet.

I own the MA6400, an older model, less powerful than the 6500 but built with the same philisophy. I upgraded it to the MA6900 for the lack of power I had.

Probably the MA6500 is the best compromise between sweetness (musicality) and being able to controll speakers tightly. If you would go for maximum musicality, consider the 6900. If you need to drive 12" woofers in a reflex system, the 6500 might be more interesting.
I had both 6900 and C42/MC352. I bought the latter second hand for a lower price and a better sound. MC352 is simply the most musical McIntosh ever. Combine it with a good pre amp (in my case a C42 but alternatives are possible) and you get stuuning results. Nice to play with cables. I use balanced siltech SQ88. Really never been more satisfied...
Good luck