McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm

Highlander Partners out of Dallas TX


Second time in 10 years they have been bought. Will be interested to see what this means…


@cleeds, No, I wasn't aware of Romney doing that but it's quite an unusual thing for him to do as his record is that of strip, dump and run shark.

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@cleeds Bain also owns Guitar Centers since 2007 and BRP Since 2003, Dominos since 1998, just to name a few and they have $150 billion dollar portfolio.

Not a fan of Bain or their track record. Like Carl Ichon they are pirates.

Mitt also came from money, as his father George was CEO  American Motors back in the day. 

Rich getting richer. 

I wouldn’t think the Highlander Group will bankrupt McIntosh, but if it did it gives a wealthy McFan the opportunity to buy the name.

I see them selling the Texas property (if it is owned) or developing it and then selling it. Lay off all but essential staff with the excuse of preparing for the coming recession.

Take advantage of Biden’s soft stance on China and China’s investment and tax incentives.

With the high Dollar this is a perfect storm. It helps low offshore manufacturing and reselling at higher prices due to "inflation" and higher interest rates.

And if all that doesn’t work out there’s 1.6 billion Chinese consumers to fall back on who’d love to have a real American product at Chinese prices.

China has many tariff zero export agreements with many countries.

BTW Ducati’s makeover involved moving production to Thailand.

I am not trying to change the subject. But a few of us, were talking...


"China", (people's republic of), is no one's friend.

Not even if you happen to be Chinese.

   "IT", really only has but (one), very singular goal.

And "IT" will not ever stop nor have any mercy or remorse for the horrible things "IT" does on the way to "IT's" goal. The same horrible things as today, tomorrow and yesterday. Things of a type that can and do, make even a "hardened" man shiver.

Not in fear. But in the reality of it.

But maybe it should be fear as well.

American's, "for the most part" have forgotten. And "IT" knows this, understands this, and uses that and everything else that it can, against us. And "IT" has been  playing the, "Long-Game". As we have fallen asleep at the wheel. 

I really do hate writing this. But I know the truth of it. As all of us who drilled ceaselessly against that day we each hoped would never come. And for awhile we thought we had just "Dodged that bullet" as they say, "somehow".

But now it feels to be possibly, quite close.

    Learning all that we could of the adversary was trying. But I remember, and still know enough to ask you. To ask yourself "One Question". And hope that you would take a moment to seriously ponder it. Just long enough to answer it.

Just to yourself.

"IF", (IT) achieved it's goal? Exactly where and what would "your" place be in that reality? And also query the same, about your loved one's and friends etc...

 (I think). That you might be awakened just enough to remember. Or, failing that. Have you at the least, "Wish to learn of this threat".  

"I hope and pray, this is so".

Because "Putin"?

     He's a pussycat,

       "By comparison". But given a chance? An opportune time?

They "would" work together!

Anyway....and since I am already here...

Have a Happy Father's Day!