McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer

More unvarnished truth from YouTube.
"real audiophiles...know it doesn't sound that good"

Real audiophiles -- be aware. You've been read the Riot Act. 


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Thankyou acresverde, I’ll take it as a complement. I have a pair. They are so well done they have a high jewelers rating on the finish.. I like um..

MC240s how many people can say they have heard a tricked out MC240. If Samra would come out of the underground I'd send him a pair just to have around. I haven't ever heard anything like them with small planars or ribbons. It's the weird transformer thing they do with 6L6s and they way he (Mike) re-voices them. They are great stock. The problem is the yellow cap crowd screw the sound up. PIO only.. No polly pukes they kill the sound..

Time to feed the chickens..

LOL, This is fully entertaining the AG forums are now " THE HENHOUSE".... allow the Rooster to respond.

OP, why dont you join me in a Zoom chat we record to discuss what you think you know ... ?? Ill post in on YT ..... Ill be polite and you can ask me questions and get answers because you are currently assuming a lot as if you know what you are talking about. For instance you thinking Im saying some gear is for looks some is for sonics , black and white. NOT. What I said is to help people decide how to make decisions on what to buy and one of them is what percent out of 100, is the percentage you give to your gear. By the looks of your gear/ amps especially Id say you give about 30% importance to looks and that comes from your speakers. GOOD ! you value sound more than look.. Proud of you ....

@Stereo51, you are a Mac fanboy. your number of posts and time here when averaged out means for 14 years you have posted EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are FAR from my client base, I see your rig. I have nothing against you or what you choose to listen to. but you have zero ground to stand on throwing rocks at me for not liking your favorite brand in my home. I think its a cool brand, because it looks like OLD gear. In the 60s it was the shit.. you had the biggest balls back then. Were happy for you .

@Oldhvymec for a guy that may could fix a D5, im surprised. Usually guys like you are cooler than to talk smack about a guy with an opinion. the number of posts in 4 years when averaged out means 4 separate replies per day. Not only are you also a total Mac Fanboy but you Quadrupled the online action of Stereo 51 ! I get that you dig big dirty equipment, so that Mac pic from Mexico says it all. Love the unfinished speaker on the left.. Nuff said... we should be talking Harleys not pissing on other dudes in audio forums...

@borat-sagdiyev, Kak Dela ? you are not smelling my Zhopa, it is your own Rasputin breath blowing to your face.

@twoleftears you are a liar.... outright and bold faced. I never sang praises of AGD 2 weeks ago to you. AGD decided to sell around me and go direct mid December 2021 without letting me the dealer know. I found out because a potential customer bought direct. I have not represented the brand since then. The Vivace and Audion monoblocks are phenomenal amps, just like Ive always said. The Tempo amps were a failure at sounding like the bigger amps. They were softer. Jeff Rowland 125 at $2K less floored thier ass in value. After I posted that vid I allowed the 2 buyers I had to send thier amps in for full credit towards Rowland. LOL. You know what I think of you ...

@femore12 this is NOT where guys "with money to buy expensive equipment" come for discussion....



Only piece of Mac gear I ever owned was an MC240.

Sold it 25 years ago. Regret selling it to this day…