McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer

More unvarnished truth from YouTube.
"real audiophiles...know it doesn't sound that good"

Real audiophiles -- be aware. You've been read the Riot Act. 



@gilbertogon, nice post.

I agree with you about Mike’s integrity and honesty.

I spoke with a dealer who is located in Indiana on Sunday and he told me that he’s known Mike for a long time and has a lot of respect for him. He also said that I’m getting a great deal from Mike on the new to me NAT Audio gear and that it’s killer! He said he’d purchase the monoblocks again if given the chance.

I hadn’t been able to comment on Mikey’s opinion of McIntosh before because I had no experience with the brand.

That changed on Saturday. I went over to another audiophile home, who I kid you not, lives on McIntosh street! In his setup, he has a Marantz turntable with an Audio Technica cartridge, a 60’s McIntosh 225 tube amp, a vintage McIntosh SS preamp, a vintage McIntosh tuner, and vintage Klipsch Heresy speakers. The system sounded nice.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing it again soon. He wants me to help him dial in his turntable, which I am happy to do. His tuner is absolutely gorgeous!


I think it is kinda funny. As I am reading through all these painful posts that now this Mike Powell character has burned his bridges here with nasty postings under his own name, he has activated his Ukranian sleeper cells to try to clean some of the caked dirt off. This is just wacko! Hilarious when someone with his first post here magically appears to go on and on about what a wonderful experience he has had.

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Totally agree Vuch and Tsushima.


Where's D'Artagnan?

60’s McIntosh 225 tube amp

21K for this set 7 weeks ago. MX110z, MC225, MC240, MC275. This is the the picture I used. He is in Mexico City, BIG Mac guy. 

They ALL are untouched. One set of power valves and 2 12AX7s Telefunken were replaced. He knew NOT to replace the caps in the 225 and replace ALL the caps in the 240. 275 there are a few bumblebees. He'll spend another 5K to do it correctly.

That MC225 is almost perfect. I have another one the power cord end was cut off in 1970 and placed in a box. The guy bought it played it for 20 days, died and his wife cut the end off so the kids wouldn't plug it in. It was 20 days old when I got it 20 years later. She went to heaven. Kids found the box.. Gave me the 225 and 500.00 for fixing a tractor. I was happy. I just broke that one in. I found the box in my stuff.

Mac is fun. :-) 24K cases for MC60. I got to get that done. Who does stuff like that? MAC people.. Better than a gold plated toilet. AY?


This is pretty sad.  For months MP was posting these deliriously positive videos about AGD gear.  Now that he's lost the dealership, he's got a new vid out pushing Jeff Rowland and decrying the AGD, which he raved about to me on the phone just several weeks ago.  Is this what a "fair weather friend" is?