McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer

More unvarnished truth from YouTube.
"real audiophiles...know it doesn't sound that good"

Real audiophiles -- be aware. You've been read the Riot Act. 


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Mac is expensive relatively compared to others in UK so although I love the look.... I bought UK made at first for value for money but have since gone Japanese for amps with a class luxman...

And as pretty as my amp is.... The mac is sure purdier 

If Mac stuff is so bad, why was my friend able to sell his piece of equipment at 100% profit? lol Why is there always a thread like this? makes me wonder. LMAO. they must be doing something right.

My suggestion is do not wait so long. Buy your MAC earlier in your life because you will ultimately go in that direction anyways.  Its just a matter of time and wasted money spent.

I take it that smaller one take-away from this whole exchange is that it's a turn off to see dealers who don't carry a particular brand (McIntosh, Magico, Wilson, are the video's examples) try to boost what they sell by dismissing or denigrating another brand. @kaplandesign -- you clearly carry good brands, as evidenced here:

But you're engaging in McIntosh bashing on this thread. So, maybe you do believe what you're saying based on experience; ok, I'll stipulate that for the sake of argument.

The objection argued for here is that your position as a seller of competing brands, you're better off -- you, your business is better off --  taking the high road and not denigrating what is effectively your competition. 

Here is your opportunity to retract your comments and apologize, or double down and be lumped together with the Mike Powell Scorched-Earth-Business-Strategy.

It isn't a requirement to love Mac, or ANY brand / product.

Why people get soooo bent out of shape when the gear they own isn't praised by someone else.  Who the hell cares?

Certainly, stating obvious incorrect facts or just being a plain troll/shill is different, but people buy and stick with what they have because they like it.  That is all that matters.

It would be pretty damn boring if we all had the same gear, same tastes etc..