McIntosh for Cornwall 4

I am planning to get ma5300 for my Cornwall 4 but I am seeing some comments saying that ma5300 is not worth to buy because it does not have the auto transformer that give you McIntosh house sound. I feel ma5300 will give enough power to Cornwall but if ma5300 is just another AB Class amp, I might go with mac7200. Anyway, Which McIntosh should I get for Cornwall 4? Ma5300, mac7200, ma252 or ma352? (Not really a fan of tube.)


Whichever you choose, I would go transformer coupled from my past experience. 

It might be useful to find a dealer that carrys the products that you are interested in.

The MA7200 would be my choice.  I listen to a lot of FM radio so the 7200 would fit the bill.   The tuner is excellent too.   If you go with Mac, get one with output transformers, otherwise you are just wasting your money.