McIntosh Fans - I'm Considering an Amp Upgrade

I haven't posted here for a very long time. I'm finally getting all my audio gear back into use after over a year and a half of not having a decent listening room and must admit I'm greatly surprised at the superb sound quality in my new listening room. At the present time I have a McIntosh C712 Preamp, a MC2002 200 Watt Amp, MR-73 Tuner and an older Music Hall CD Player (soon to be replaced with a McIntosh CD/DVD/SACD player). I'm driving a pair of JM Lab 927BE Speakers that have superb mids and highs and more than adequate bass in my 11 X 14 listening room.
Mainly I would like to trade up my current amp for a MC7200, so I can take advantage of the balanced outputs on
my preamp and have also toyed with the idea of getting one of the latest versions (Mark V) of the MC275.
Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated about these possible upgrades
Can't go wrong with a mc275
You can't go wrong with the 7200. I've had one for years, and won't consider another until Mac comes out with a similar designed direct-coupled with more power. Maybe not even then. Can you tell I like it! I've owned the 2002 also, so in my opinion, that would be an upgrade. I'm not into tubes, so can't comment on the MC275.
I have owned the McIntosh MVP-861, and it is a nice unit. But thank goodness I bought it used from a Mac dealer, because it had to go back for a new transport, and then back again because it needed a new software upgrade. So I'd be fairly wary of this model, as I've read of similar problems with it. The sound was great, tho. Maybe by the time the 871 came out they had the bugs worked out of it.
The MC275 mk V is a great little tube amp. Highly recommended.