McIntosh Dealers?

Anyone aware of a good McIntosh dealer that will discount?
McIntosh Dealers will never discount. If the McIntosh Company finds a dealer that discounts, they will stop being a McIntosh dealer. If you want a discount, buy used. sorry.....
I only seen them discount by giving an incredible deal on other brand equipment in the same deal if you buy more than one thing.
Hmmm I kinda disagree my local dealer, gave me 15% off over the phone. I suggest you do your homework :-) Good Luck
Try Harvey Electronics in NY & CT. They sometimes give up to 20% off & put their items up on ebay.
What Hgeifman is describing is a throwback to the "fair trade" practices on the 70's in which units could only be sold by the dealers for the manufacturer's advertised price. If I remember, this was deemed anti-competitive by the courts and outlawed. Does anyone have more recent info on this?