McInTosh D150

Has anyone  listen to this unit or does anyone have it the McInTosh D 150 and if so what do you think of it at a cost of $3000.00 ?

I have the D100 , It's a great piece of kitt using it as a pre and  a DAC with my Mcintosh MC 152 power amp the sound is amazing a great value for money.The 150 is even better its DAC can read also DSD , higher sampling bit and it have special load connection to Macintosh CD transport for SACD CDs. 
Doing a shootout right know between the Bryston the Schiit and the McIntosh.. the McIntosh can not compete....
As a standalone DAC  Bryston and Schiit are better than the McIntosh but if you are looking for a pre and  DAC All in one the McIntosh is undoubtedly a great value for money you have to struggle to find something similar in this price level.
I would agree the McIntosh has some added features that the others don't 
Thanks guys for your input. I do have a Marantz SA 8005  that has a DAC THAT PLAYS 2.8 5.6  DSD . One person in the field told me today that by buying the McIntosh D 150 would be a side way move and not a up move. What do you guys think is he right?  This guy has been in the audio field for over thirty years.
I have a d150 that I sue with my MCT450 SACD transport and it is a marvelous piece.  Comparing this DAC to the onboard DAC in the MAC6700 (does not handle DSD) the D150 DAC is a step up in the right direction.  I also use this D150 with my iPod/Wadia combo (direct digital feed) and the result is pleasing.  My only advice is do not ask others for their opinions, judge with your own ears.
The Marantz SA 8005 is a very good CD with excellent internal DAC I don't think you need the D150 .
Thank you  guys .
There is no where to listen to the McInTosh D 150 here in lower Delaware farm country down here and Overtures store is two hours away up north in Slumming part of the state and very dangerous driving and my son is a EMT worker and on some calls up there They have to call the police to go with them to help people because of being afraid of being shot while trying to save someone's life , not worth the chance of going all the way up there . So very little chance of hearing this McInTosh or any other high-end audio in my area . I think this is why high-end audio is dying out countrywide everyone I speak to or have spoken to on the phone they are having the same problem no where to listen to high-end audio gear and I feel this is why most people buy online it is a sad time for us that love the   Hobby so much and not being able to hear the gear or feel it   Touch it or have a one on one talk with a good salesperson it's like  buying a car without seeing it or driving it first .  Because some of this gear cost as much as a new car .  how do you guys deal with this problem ?