McIntosh D100 with MC 275

Anyone heard the new D100 with an MC275? Would the sound be well short of C48/C50 ?
Aren't you over-thinking it. If you want and need the digital inputs of the d100, why should it matter if a preamp w/o them is better sounding. Seems like a digital preamp w/ a tube power amp is a great combo...and of course they are Mac.
I am leaning this way.
Just got some good feedback from McIntosh. Guess the DAC in the D100 is pretty good and that is important to me.

Just want the overall sound to be good.

Bongofury - what speakers do you have?
McIntoshed paired the d100/mc275 at the 2013 ces show so they must feel this is a good combo too.

Scrool down almost to the bottom for a photo of the pair:

Sorry for the delay. Was on the road. I have an old pair of Kefs. Old school BBC ones. Want to to have that tubey magic/mid range sound.

I am also buying for a separate rig the new McIntosh 6700 receiver. For my man cave. Thinking some planar speakers.