Mcintosh D100 + MC 452. Which interconnects?

After years just listening to music, I decided to upgrade my modest system, taking advantage that my pocket now allows some higher flights. Currently: Audio Aero Prima CD, Odysseys’ Tempest/Stratos pre/amp, Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.1, cables from Fusion Audio, Supra, Van den Hul, Acoustic Zen, etc. My first upgrade arrived 2 weeks ago: a MC452! I know there may be something better for the same price or less, but I always dreamed to have those blue meters, and the 452 is a dream come true! Due to costs, the only one McIntosh preamp I can buy is the D100, and it seems a good choice, since I want to get out of the time capsule I’ve been for the last years and move from my jurassic CD player based stereo to something more modern, like music servers/DACs/HD tracks/external HDs, etc. As my doubts are extensive, I decided to split them. For this thread I’ll ask you guys:
>which brands/models of interconnects should work well w/ these 2 Macs? My best interconnect is the Supra Sword RCA, but 2 dealers and Ron C (from Mcintosh) told me that I should go for XLR between these 2 macs, not RCA, since both are quad balanced. Any recommendations? My budget is about U$500, and I want to buy it used here at Audiogon.
>Silver or copper?
>Is there anyone using these 2 pieces together? Should I expect good results? Or do you think I should go for a used C48, instead of the D100 despite I don’t have (and don’t intend to) any analogs.
Thanks in advance
Rog,regarding preamp choices.If all your sources are digital then the D100 is the logical choice as its all digital inputs only.On the other hand if you have analog sources say phono,tuner,etc.The D100 won't accept them.Then you might want to consider a C46 which has two phono stages (MM,MC),plus an eight band Eq which you may find useful.I've tried both the C48 & C50 and didn't like either one of them over my C42, MC501 combo.Mine is much more straightforward to use.Also there seems to be potential dac problem issues (read Audiokarma forums) with the newer units.For ic cables.I've used CSL Blue,Kimber Hero.Both balanced which is the preferred way to go.But now using Signal Cable Silver which is far superior to the others I've used.Not your typical sounding silver cable.Very smooth,with great detail/resolution.Not bright at all.Two pairs will price out at about half your budget.All the best to you.
Thank you very much Denman. The problem is: the more I read (here, audiokarma, audioaficionado, etc) the more I have doubts! I've read that the preamp section on the D100 is not that good, so I don't know if it will be a good match for my MC452. Then I started to consider the C48, but there are several threads reporting problems w/ its USB inputs (the same for the C50). I think i could stretch my budget to get an used C2300, that I read it's an excelent pair for the MC452, but in that case, I would stay in the same jurassic CD player based system I am nowadays because I wouldn't have money to buy a DAC. Maybe (w great effort!) I could buy an Oppo 105 latter and use its Dac to start playing w/ digital files, streaming, computer audio, etc, but I know its DAC doesn't compare w/the D100's, so I ended up w/ more doubts then ever! Lol! I could summarize my new state of uncertainty like this: which would be a better for my poor pocket, an excelent DAC w/ a not so good preamp (D100) or an excelent preamp w/ a not so good DAC (C2300 + Oppo 105)??? Or should I forget the
C48 USB issues and buy one (used)??? Doubts doubts doubts!