McIntosh D100 Digital preamp review

Had a listen today @ AudioClassics Vestal NY: first impression very good for the price! Very deep soundstage , great resolution and bass. Musical instruments piano , sax, standup bass all very natural , timbre and decay very realistic. Vocals had great presentation and " air" in between , a listen test for me is the inhale exhale in a singers voice on accurate recordings adds to the realism in reproduction which the D100 had albeit not as much as other preamps demonstrate . My current setup is two Mac 275's fed direct from Benchmark DAC HDR pre via Mac mini running audirvana software ( which is major improvement over ITunes) to Dynaudio special 25. After 4 hours of A:B comparison MAC D100 is like a Mercedes S class and the Benchmark is like a BMW 7 series, both are VERY good just a little different MAC more relaxed and refined the Benchmark more responsive and dynamic. In an all MAC system the choice would be obvious in a mixed system boils down to personal preference and system component matching I would be happy with either. Rumor has it that a new Mac c2500 is coming with built in DAC and tube line stage so wait for the best of both worlds plus it has signature blue vu meters something that would have sealed the deal for me on the D100 ! If your in the market for a $2500 dac pre the D100 is a very good choice and will allow hours of musical indulgence even if it appears to be a product gap filler for hard core MAC aficionado's.
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Sandy.. you should post your system, would love to view it.
Does anyone know if i can hook up a Sony NW-A45 Hi-res walkman via usb to the D100?
I am not sure you can because the USB can function only if you installed their driver to your compouter so the d100 can recognise the incoming source(your computer).