McIntosh Clarification

I currently own some Revel F52's and am intereted in getting a McIntosh amplifier to drive them. There are no dealers near me so auditioning them is out of the questions. Can someone suggest a model number that would drive my Revels?

Can someone also clarify why the power doesn't "double-down" when the impedence drops? I don't understand this.


All the current McIntosh amplifiers use output transformers - just like tube amps. That is why, like tube amps, the power is the same at each load impedance. There is a separate speaker cable tap for each impedance so the bipolar transistor output stages "see" a constant load no matter what speaker you are using.

McIntosh and Revel make a great match. My neighbor had an MA6500 and F30s for a while and the result was excellent. The 6500 was the best out of several we tried in his system.

Do you want an integrated or separates? Any of the McIntosh amps will power your speakers with no problem whatsoever but among the integrateds, the 6300 might be cutting it a little close.

As mentioned all current Mono or Stereo McIntosh amps use Autoformers, they don't put them in the multichannel amps for obvious reasons. I own the F32's and drive mine with a MC352 and have more than enough power. You could look at a MC252 but it doesn't have the double balanced circuitry that the 402 does. I would go MC402 or a good used 352 just to make sure the F52's never get hungry. IMHO.
How do you like the 52's my dealer lost his franchise and I was wanting to upgrade? Good Bass? Love my 32's just could ask for somemore bottom.
Thanks for the clarification Aball. I want to end up with separates. I have a Rotel I am using for a processor with a Butler Audio 5150(5x150)amp. Great amp but not enough juice for the Revels.

What would I gain from the double balanced ciruitry? I could get a MC252 and still not break the bank, once I go to the MC402 I will be pushing it. With the MC252 I could afford a new one and get it from an Authorized dealer with warranty. Is there a big difference between the MC252 and MC352 or 402?

As far as the F32 and F52's go, I have both. I bought both pairs and I was going to demo them and get rid of one pair once I decided. As far as I can tell so far, the F52's have a more extended tweeter as well as a better low end. The problem is I don't want to judge them till I feed them with enough power. I will keep you posted. Thanks

Jason, Mcintosh has added the double balanced to the 352 and the 402 as well most of the other stereo/mono amps.
They are now calling it "quad-diferential" but is basically lowers the noise floor and reduces the distortion. Though they really don't reflect it in the spec. I have talked with Chuck Hinton at McIntosh and he says it is just a push pull design done in a McIntosh design. I have only heard the 252 against the 402 and in a showroom, so my opinion is optimistic at best. I felt the 402 was more "defined" in the bass and the background seemed somewhat deeper. I also have to add that an extra 150 watts can do a lot for those areas of sound. I think that if you go with the 402 you will always be gald you did. If you go with the 252 you may be wondering what you are missing. That is the way I usually decide. As far as warranty goes, McIntosh has done repairs for me over the years on used equipment and not charged me. I bought a used MSD4 once and had a porogramming issue and when I mentioned I bought it used the service guy said "does it say McIntosh on it?" then continued with "you pay the freight we built it we'll fix it". They really believe in their product. If they do charge it is very nominal and the worst is the freight, which you pay anyway.
But you must decide that for yourself.
Yes I do want to hear what you decide on the 52 vs. 32