McIntosh C8

Hello audiophiles,

I have two C8's currently but no power amp to drive them yet as I'm still trying to figure out whether I'll need two separate mono amps or one stereo amp for my needs and my system's needs.

Does anyone here have experience with using the two phono inputs of the C8? My turntable has two tonearms both with a Stanton 500 cart with two different styli widths for 78rpm shellac recordings. My intention is to keep the stereo signals by going to both C8's but I just discovered from reading the owner's manual that phono 1 has an input impedance of 100k ohms and phono 2 has an adjustable input impedance of 6.8k to 52k ohms. The Stanton 500 cart has recommended load of 47k ohms. As I need to use both phono inputs on both C8's does anyone here know if the Stanton 500 will work just as well in phono 1 as phono 2?