McIntosh C52 to C53 Upgrade

I had a McIntosh C50 pre-amp/DAC that I replaced with a C52. Now thinking about upgrading to a C53. For those of you that have gone down this path, is this a worthwhile/noticeable upgrade? Any noticeable change in SQ? I can't say in all honesty it was noticeable to me going from a C50 to the C52.


Wasting your hard earned money.  The new one may look different but the sound quality will be the same.  Bad move. 

I concur with previous posts. I own many Macs. Don't upgrade just because it is a new model.

The two units are the same, except that the C53 has the DA2 already installed.

Paul Seydor, who owns the C52, did a review for The Absolute Sound, where he compares both units:

The review made me go with a used C52 over a new C53. Saved a few grand and got everything I wanted. I  don't stream and the DACs in the MVP891 and the Marantz SXA-KI Ruby's MMM I have are more than adequate.

I'll play the devil's advocate.

Go for it.  Screw the reviews, worthiness of upgrade or sound quality.  This is why you worked so hard to earned and have the money.  Upwards and onwards. The only American way to go.  Gloooory glory halleluuujah   

Ooo.  My neighbor just yelled shut the f up with the singing. 

All together now!

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Buy....