McIntosh C50 preamp with Pass Labs Class A amp

I'm wondering if a McIntosh C50 preamp would go good with a Pass Labs Class A amp. Sonically and technically.

So, if anyone has any experience mating the 2, thanks in advance.

Take care.
I haven't heard the combo but have heard the C50 and was very impressed. But I have had many Mc pre-amps/pre-pros and amps and am accustomed to the McIntosh sound. I have heard the pass amps at RMAF and never heard anything I didn't like, except the customer paying C&W while visiting the room. I guess Pass can't fix everything:)
Yeah, I know what you mean, separately they're both excellent, but how they perform together is what I really want to know. Anyway, thanks for your comments regarding the C50.
Is the mac balanced? I would only use balanced with the pass.