Mcintosh C46 vs c200 anybody heard them ??

Anybody heard these 2 fine preamps thanks,any thoughts ??
I recently got a pair of B & W N800s through an Audiogon seller. A dealer near to me sells B & W speakers and powers them with Macs. They gave me demo using a C46 and MC402 power amp. I had recently gotten a Linn Unidisk 1.1 (also through Audiogon) and used that for the signal source. The sound was wonderful: spacious, transparent, detailed, and natural. Since the C46 & MC402 combo was 40% cheaper than the C200 and MC501s, I didn't feel the need to investigate the higher priced items, as I was so pleased with the "budget priced" pair. I placed an order for the combo, and expect them to arrive next week.
I apologize for not being able to tell you how the C46 and C200 sound in comparison to each other. I spent two years auditioning all kinds of equipment. After listening to the C46/MC402 pairing, I felt I no longer had to keep searching for audio Nirvanna. Hopefully some other A'goners can provide you with additional information. From my own experiences, however, I strongly encourage you to actually hear the equipment you're interested in before making a final decision. One thing I've learned is that every audio component has its indvidual sonic signature. Only your ears will ultimately tell you what's best for you.
thanks for the reply, I do own a mac c46/252 also have the mac c2200/275 1v. ENJOY them both. Also have a Linn Ikemi,sounds like we have similar tastes...anyway enjoy your combo...mighty nice.