McIntosh C46 makes distorting pops thru speakers

Just hooked up McIntosh C46 to a Parasound HCA-2200 Mark II via balanced cables. The C46 makes these very loud distorting popping sounds through the speakers when it is turned on or off. The popping sounds are more prolonged when the C46 is turned off. My normal sequence of turning on the system is power amp, preamp, and source. Turning off the system is just the reverse. However, the popping does not happen when the C46 is turned on before the power amp is turned on. Also the popping does not happen when the C46 is turned off last. Using unbalanced cables do not help.
My C48 can operate either way in shutdown or turn-on and theres's no noise problem. However, I'm using a Mac amp. Balanced or unbalance doesn't seem to matter. I'd do whatever way suits you best, as that's all that matters anyway. Perhaps the Parasound amp's relays are allowing more decay time than they should.
Do not turn off you preamp before poweramp is completely off and do not turn on your amp untill preamp is completely on with any components you use.
Sid42, using the Standby/On switch does not cause it to making the popping sounds through the speakers.It only makes the popping sounds when I use the hard Power On switch to turn on and off, after powering up the amp and before powering down the amp, respectively. Chuck Hinton from McIntosh Labs says that using the rocker (hard) switch will certainly make the popping sound. However he advises that the hard switch is only for totally disconnecting power when the gear will be unused for a long time, it is meant to stay in standby when not in use. Lastly, he says without triggers, amps should be turned on last, and turned off first.

SF, my C48 only has the standby/on switch, so I don't have the hard switch you mention. However, my former C37 had no problems doing it either way too. Thanks for the info from Chuck.
I have a C46 and I don't think I ever found any reason to use the hard power switch ever in the 5 years I have owned it.
It's vestigial, as far as I can see.
My C46 is staying on for more than 3 years, since the time I bought it. I wish that I could run my Mc402 that way.