Mcintosh c46

Has anyone tried the Mac 501 mono blocks with the Mac C46? Also comparisions to the Mac C200.
I auditioned the 501s with the C46 (fed by MCD205 playing B&W 802D) and it was simply stunning. The soundstage depth was like I have only heard it with tubes. I have a C46 in my future. I have not heard the C200 but there are threads in the archives where such comparisons are made. I think the outcome was that the C200 was better but a lot more $$$ and so may not be worth it.
I have a mcd205, c46 and a 252 like it alot, have not heard the c200 though, anybody heard these 2 in close quarters ?
I'm using a C42 with my MC501s. I think the C42 is quite similar to the C46 electronically speaking. In any case, I really like this combo, so I have no doubt that a C46/MC501 pairing would be great. Of course the biggest difference with the C200 is the incorporation of tone controls. This was an important feature for me, but for many it is not.