McIntosh C45 question

Does it do HT pass through? I've heard discrepancies here.

I currently have a rotel receiver -> MC352, and although the preamp out from the rotel isn't bad, I'm looking to upgrade without losing the processing capabilities for DVD and TV.

I'm also not in a hurry to buy a new integrated amp (MX 119) because I'd like hdmi switching and blu-ray compatibility if I were to buy any video-related component.

Also, I found a really good deal on a Mark Levinson No. 38, but I haven't heard great great things about it.

Thanks in advance
McIntosh does not have a HT pass through, but you can use tape loop input to do the same, only thing you'll need to do is to keep C-45 volume control in predetermined position and to use Rotel's to adjust your volume when watching movies.
But here is a questions: what do you need a processor in your Rotel for?
All DVD players have very decent HT processing (DD,DTS) capability build in, and in this case all you''ll need is 5 (or 6, if you using Sub) analog outs going into all analog preamp, like McIntosh C-45.
Why don't you just download the owner's manual from Mac's website?
It is a multichannel preamp so it doesn't need a HT bypass. Just use either of the 5.1 inputs and you can set volume with the AVR or the C45.

Kr4 nailed it. I owned one.

Thanks everyone.

Maril555, my cable box doesn't have 5.1 outs, that's why I need the processing.

BigBucks5, I did. It says no ht pass through, though I've seen people comment that it does. I figured they were doing what Kr4 suggested, but I was concerned that this might not be the greatest solution. Instead of writing all this out (and getting fewer responses) I asked the more general question.

Kr4 and Grannyring, in my case, I'd be using the Rotel amp section for the center and rear channels, and passing along the fronts to the C45, and then to the MC352. Will the volume be altered substantially for the different channels in this setup? I hope to eventually use the C45 for all channels. Thanks again.

Grannyring, what are your thoughts on C45 vs C46? Personally I think the C2200 is a bit too laid back for me.