Mcintosh C45 + MC252

Hi all,

Current speaker is SF Grand Piano Home, but hoping to upgrade to Wilson Sophia later. Listening area is 20x16feet, listen voloume is low to at most moderate loudness.
I am consider Mcintosh C45 + MC252 pre and power for 2-channel playback.
How's the performance of C45+MC252 like? good match? do they have the lush, warm sound of tubes?
Thank you.
They are a great combo. Both pieces are fantastic but I would suggest you get the C46 instead so you can do some room correction - that will make a huge difference. They will be a better match with Wilsons than SFs IMO.

The C2200 is much better than the C45 & 46. In know this by A/B comparison.
Have fun.
After exhaustive research,listening etc., It became clear to me that the MC352 is a much better amp than the 252.
I just purchased one new from Audio Classics.I believe they are the only ones that still have access tha these from McIntosh.The MC352 is for essentially a MC402 with a flt faceplate ,different speaker terminals and bulbs for meter illumination instead of fiber optics.BTW I have a C2200. Great Combo!
Pingpong. go listen for yourself. Different from what Kremm7 heard, ther review in TAS found the C46 the better preamp. The German Stereo listened to both the C45 and the C46, and gave the sonic nod to the C46, too.