McIntosh C28, C30, or?

I would like to get a Vintage Mac PreAmp for my TT set up. A friend said that the C28 or C30 have very good Phono Stage. True?, No?

The reason for the vintage request, is that I already have a MC2205 stereo amp. So my date range I’m looking at is mid 70’s - 80’s to match the date range of my amp. I would also use the pre-amp for streaming music from my media server. Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, etc.

TT Set Up: McIntosh MC2205, Technics SL-1200MK5 (w/Goldring 1006), Martin Logan Motion 40’s (1st Gen)
It’s actually not "set up". But wrapped in plastic waiting for a traditional pre amp. Or a phono pre amp. Though I’d like to stay old school if I can. And the price is right.

I realize that a phono pre amp is cheaper than a vintage Mac pre amp. But, I have saved up. And have a budget of $1,500 +/- $250ish,


I would see if you could snag a C32.  I think the phono stage in that is better than the two preamps you mentioned and I remember when the C32 came out, it seemed to pair better to the MC2205 than the prior preamps from McIntosh.
Yes! I would listen to your friend and get the C30, it was only made for a couple years 1985-1987 and has a auto turn on socket plug for your turntable and has better phono signal to noise ratio (90db) then the C32 (80db) which was sold from 1977-1981. The C32 has a lot of stuff crammed into it, like a 3rd tape loop and a compander/compressor circuit. The C30 seems to be a more minimalist design geared toward vinyl playback.

P.S. C28 was sold from 1970-1978 and is not in the same league as the C30.

Matt M