McIntosh c2700 users please chime in?

1. Is there a big difference (besides the upgradable DAC module)?

2. How much discount (5, 10, 15%) should one expect to get if asked?

I may be looking to sell my BHK pre and then pay the difference for the C2700. Nothing wrong with the BHK. I also like the idea of tone controls. Plus, its hard not to like the blue meters :)
Magnolia wouldn’t be fixing the McIntosh.   It would be covered under warranty so a McIntosh Authorized repair facility would be fixing it.
How is the phono section of the C2700? I’ll probably keep my current ELAC ppa-2 phono pre
@ stereo5, not much off. Probably same as anyone else. I feel that the sound is as good as I’m going to get for what I have. 2 years ago  I remember shaking my head at a McIntosh dealer thinking a waste of money, Three weeks ago at a different stereo shop, told me to take the 2700 home for a try. And I had a hard time picking a day to bring it back. I know there’s a lot of other nice brands out there like audio research and luxman but I’m not gonna spend that much money. I still wanna save up for a nice tube amp, possibly the 2301. 
I just went back To my favorite stereo shop today and checked out the McIntosh MC462 power amp they just brought in. It was hooked up to the C2700 preamp. WOW! I’m a liking it.
I jumped on the C2500 right after the C2600 was released.  It was listed as a demo, therefore it was highly discounted.  You may want to wait until the C2700 is on closeout.  Over the years I've purchased OEM up-gradable devices. I did an up-grade once. It was over priced and did sound that good either. I sold the device within a few weeks.  Good Luck!