McIntosh C2700 or Luxman L38uC

Hi...anyone with either of those that can provide valuable comments?
The 38 C has a low impedance output of 300 ohms. Very easy on the tubes. In my case it's three years and no change on any tube. I've heard anywhere from 5-10 years. We'll see.
I bought a Luxman CL-38u a few years ago and liked it so much I recently grabbed a CL-38uSE. Both models are very quiet in my systems and have outstanding phono preamps for both MM and MC carts. I haven't tried the McIntosh MC2700 but can vouch directly for the Luxman…

You comments are misinformed. There are tube amps that add noise and distortion, but there are plenty of newer tube amps that do no such thing. Look at Rogue Audio, Luxman, Backert Labs, Primaluna. There are so many modern examples of great preamps that are unlike the tube preamps of yore.