Mcintosh C2500 optical audio


I have issue with the setup, hope I can use everyone help here. Here is my setup:

I run unbalance cable from MC275 to C2500 main output unbalance . I connect my smartTV optical audio to C2500 Optical 2. I use source as input (cause there is no TV input). I have to turn the volume up to 100% to barely hear the sound from the speakers. My speaker is Martin Logan Preface 4Ohms. What did I do wrong?

PS: I connected MC275 with Oppo 105D with unbalanced cable. Sound amazingly!!

I would like to get the sound from my TV to the external speaker with C2500 and the MC275

Please Help!!

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Is the Optical input assigned to the source input you are using on the C2500.  That is done during setup mode.  It allows you to assign either an optical or coax connection to a source input.