Mcintosh C2500/Krell KAV-2250 SS compared to McIntosh MC275 Tube?

I'm curious get to thougts on if I should expect to receive significant sonic improvement between my current setup, C2500 paired with the KAV-2250 SS compared to the C2500 paired with the McIntosh MC275 tube setup.  The speakers are Totem Acounstic Forest Signatures, Audioquest William Tell Zero speaker cables and Audioquest Earth XLRs.  I listed mostly to vynal and CDs.  I'm not technical so please keep it straightforward.  Thanks in advance for the thoughts and other suggestions.  


The best person to ask this question on this site is @oldhvymec 

I have a C2700 and MC275. I absolutely love the combination. It’s a fantastic combination for playing vinyl. Beautiful mid-range and just enough detail/sparkle at the top end. Also, the bass is really good. It’s not overpowering bass, but it feels like what you would experience in a live setting. The MC275 is a special amp.  Upgrading the tubes (Mullards and Telefunkens work really well) will get even better details in the soundstage it produces. 

I haven’t tried my C2700 with a SS amp and my speakers. I did hear it with a MC462 at the deal and still preferred the MC275 sound. To me the sound is richer and more comfortable. 

If you have a Mc dealer in your area, call them and see if you can take the MC275 home for a weekend.  My local Mc dealer, Paragon Sight and Sound, let me pick up the MC275 at the end of the business day on a Saturday and I returned it on Monday.  Of course they took my CC number and I had to sign some paperwork. If you can do the same, it'll be the only way you'll know if you like the MC275 better than your Krell.  Everyone can give you their opinion, but none of them have your ears and your room.  The MC275 VI is a great amp but in the end, I liked my amp better in my system so the home trial saved me $6K.

That's sound good advice.  I have a very good and long standing rapport with my local dealer, Gramophone in the DC/Baltimore area.  I will inquire about borrowing the amp for a few days and have no issues with providing my CC.  Much appreciated.