Mcintosh C2500/C2600, Audio Research Reference 3 and Luxman CL-38uV

I'm looking to get into the tube preamp game and current budget allows for Mcintosh C2500/2600, Audio Research Reference 3 or Luxman CL-38uC.  I've only heard the C2500 would be interested in hearing others thoughts.  

Running Krells amps to the preamp and Totem Forest Signature Speakers for primarily vinyl listening. Thanks folks!
I own McIntosh C2600. It was a major upgrade for me.  I bought a demo model from my local dealer. 
I noticed an immediate impact using a NAD C375BEE as my amp and Sonus faber Venere 3.0 speakers.  The NAD is an integrated amp - the DAC and phono stage we’re a significant upgrade. 
My only warning is it gave me the desire to upgrade my amp, turntable and speakers over the last year. 
Feedback much appreciated.  I'm good on amps and speakers and purchased a Clearaudio Concept turntable about 15 months ago.
I have a McIntosh C2500 and it is my end game preamp.  Before that, I had a Audible Illusions Modulus 3, Modulus 3A, Modulus 3B and a Rogue RP-5 preamps, all tubes.  The Mac preamp is dead quiet at any level, has a very generous amount of inputs and outputs and is built to last probably a hundred years.   I bought mine used from Audio Classics in 2018 for $4200.00.  It looked brand new and sounded it. 
If you are using just for vinyl either one of the C2500/2600 are good. I have a C2600 and am very happy with it. I use an external DAC for digital sources but for analog the mac is pretty good. Have my Clearaudio Concept going to it and couldn't be happier.