McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison


I did my reading online and couldn't really find a clear cut answer.
I currently own a C2300 and I might have a chance to switch to a C2500.
Has anyone done an A/B comparison soundwise?

I am not interested in the DAC capabilities of the C2500 as I generally use the regular line in input for CD and MM input for phono as my main sources.

Mainly - Is there a big enough sonic difference between the two and if so what is it? 
Thank you everyone!
If you're not interested in the DAC, save your money and keep the C2300.  The analog signal electronics are the same as what's used in the C2500/2600/2700.  An argument could even be made that without the DAC and the associated I/O subsystems, there less chance of potential interference between the digital and analog sections.

The C2300 made Harry Pearson's reference system for nearly a year after it was introduced, so changing out for the sake of change doesn't seem like it would gain you anything.  You'll have to make up your own mind on the matter, but a side-by-side audition would definitely be in order before making any changes IMO.

Good luck & happy listening!
Thanks for the input!
That's the problem... The C2500 is not nearby, so it means buying it and trying it. I think it may be too much of a hassle and truthfully I kind of like that the C2300 is pure analog without the extra DAC features.
I have a C2500.  I can't say enough good things about it.  It is the finest sounding preamp I have ever owned and it is dead quiet.  I bought the C2500 over the C2300 because I needed the processor loop which the C2300 does not have.  I would think either one would be fine although I like the way the C2500 presents the music.
Thank you stereo5,

Even though it's hard to describe sounds, in what way does it present music differently than the 2300? 
To me it is the ease in which the music flows. The built in MC preamp sounds very good.  I feel there is a little more frequency extension on both ends with the C2500.  I think of it as a tweaked C2300.  If there is a big difference in price, go with the C2300, if it is around the same price, I would go for the C2500.  The dac chip in the C2500 is the Burr Brown pcm 1792 chip set. It’s decent but not as good as the dac in my Esoteric SACD player.   
Thanks again!
I'm going to roll some tubes as well before pulling the trigger on trying the 2500.
On the C2500, verify that the Firmware has been updated the latest version.  If it has not, don't let that be a deal breaker.  An authorized Mcintosh Dealer can do it or Mc. Tech Support over the phone. Good Luck.
Thanks again for all the help. I did not pull the trigger on the C2500. I rolled some smooth plate Telefunken tubes in the MM and Line Stage of my C2300 and the sound is very lush and sweet. I own McIntosh XRT-28's and the highs can get a little too sharp sometimes. The C2300 and the Telefunkens really softened in a good way. I think that's the best my system has ever sounded. 
On to the next tweak... Rebuild McIntosh MC40's on the way :-)
Congratulations!  I feel that was a very good call on your part.  No fuss, no muss and minimum bucks.  I never got to tube roll my C2300; turned it in on a C50 for reasons not relevant to this thread.  I'd always wanted to try the Telefunkens; it was superb with the stock tubes and I suspect it would have been perfect with matched Telefunkens.  Perhaps sometime in the future. Have fun!
I think I remember reading your post about the C50 vs C2300 in the past. I also think we chatted before.
Thank you! I'll be staying in this weekend listening to music and watching TV.
Be safe everyone!
 I rolled some smooth plate Telefunken tubes in the MM and Line Stage of my C2300 and the sound is very lush and sweet.

Amprex, Mulard, Volvo, RCAs.  ALL wonderful upgrades from stock Mcintosh tubes. All sound a little different. I've had both 2300 and 2500 still have the 2500. Very close sonicly 2300 and 2500, but tube rolls I noticed more so with the 2500.
Silvania, (brighter) solvex (brighter).  There is something about Tellies and Mcintosh, Just work.  I have Mx110s, a C11, C20s, (and had a) C22
All like Telefunkens, and RCA black plates. RCAs something about the mids  and that valve.. Holographic, comes to mind

As I type I been using Amprex (vintage) valves a matched set of  date stamped 6. I'm a MC and MM guy nothing fancy. Old Thoren, TD124s and Russco Broadcast units. ZERO floor noise with either.  I'm telling you they are a real game changer too. I like them in th AUX section on the 2500, adds a  snappy sparkle but not a brightness. Island music,
Salsa, smooth jazz. very nice