McIntosh C2300 phono input

I am interested in the C2300 to pair with my MC601 monoblocs. I am also into vinyl a lot so the phono input is of high interest.
What's the quality of this input compared to separate phono section?
How quiet is the input as residual noise is very annoying to me. I let go my Aesthetix Rhea for that reason in spite of it's features and sound.
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Gentleman, I too have the C2300 and a pair of the MC601s. My VPI TT is very happy with the MC phono of the C2300. First, it already sounded good right out of the box but, after 500 hours it really started to sing but still a little bit bright because of the stock tubes. So, I change my tubes on the MC with the original 1950 telefunken smooth plates and that did it for me as it gave me way better sound stage, better low end, more of a natural sound, and no more brightness. I think the phono stage of the C2300 is like the stand alone phono stage that cost $5000 plus out there. What's also nice about the C2300 phono stage is that you can adjust the impedance from 50 ohms to 1000 ohms. C2300 is truly an excellent match with the MC601s