McIntosh C2300 phono input

I am interested in the C2300 to pair with my MC601 monoblocs. I am also into vinyl a lot so the phono input is of high interest.
What's the quality of this input compared to separate phono section?
How quiet is the input as residual noise is very annoying to me. I let go my Aesthetix Rhea for that reason in spite of it's features and sound.
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The phono stage in the 2300 is quite nice. It holds its own, depending on your expectations. Your tube choice is also worth considering, the stock tubes are pedestrian. It holds its own with some very good phono stages in the $1500 range, especially if you are able to run balanced cables. Good luck.
Dear Goldorak, I want to clarify that when I was referring to running this preamp balanced, I was merely referring to how quiet the c2300 can be when doing so. The phono stage on this pre utilizes single ended connections for both the MM and MC phono stages. Good luck in all you do.