Mcintosh C2200, which tubes are line vs. phono?


I have 2 Mullard 12AX7's and 2 Mullard 12AT7's to replace the stock tubes in the line stage portion of my C2200. I don't use the phono section..yet. In its configuration, the are V1-V8with 4 for the line stage and 4 for the phono. Which 4 tubes are for the line stage portion? The manual does not indicate. Thank you very much. Dave
The phono section is in the back corner closest to the Phono inputs. The other set of tubes is the preamp section.

Hope that helps.


Truth is this is not really a tub pre. Look at a schematic it's almost unbelievable. A technician friend who services Mac
were talking about the pre when it came out & we looked at the schematic there it was. O yea this thing is loaded with
30yo IC's (not good).