Mcintosh C2200 VS Mcintosh C200 S STATE ?

anybody listen to these 2 pre amps, one tube the other the top o the line S State any opinions ??
I compared them at a dealers premises for several hours, before deciding to buy the C200. They are, as you might expect, close together, but - as good as the C2200 already is - the C200 is the better preamp. As naturally sounding as the C2200, but even more details, more bass slam, better soundstaging with large orchestral music, more PRAT with rock music. Another plus is the MC-phono stage with the C200. You may be aware of the C200-review in Stereophile, which gave the MC-stage an "incomplete"-grade. I rather think that the review was incomplete, because the reviewer did not try e.g. an Ortofon-cartridge, recommended for use with the MC-stage. This is what I did, and the result is splendid. Transfiguration, Koetsu or Lyra-cartridges would be other good choices. You do not need another external MC-phono stage with the C200. So, if you are into vinyl, too, the price difference between the two preamps looks already different. The only minus I can see with the C200, after owning it for more than two years now, is the lack of tone controls, which the C2200 or C46 offer. Lastly, a few bulbs burned out a year ago, whereas the newer models such as the C46 offer the new fiber-optic lighting. You can, however, buy spare bulbs from McIntosh, and do a repair yourself, if need arises.
I have to agree with Hassel in all respects. I have actually owned both and still own the C200. I use a Transfiguration Temper W with the MC phono stage and it works well. The C200 is all balanced whereas the C2200 is not. Replacing the bulbs inside either the Pre-amp chassis or Controller Chassis is a snap. It all boils down to the rest of your system, especially what amp you will be using. I run my C200 into either 2 monoblock MC275 IV's or an ARC D-79 - both tubed units. I listen to mostly classical and jazz.
Good luck
I did not compare the two before purchasing the C2200; I was so impressed with it compared with other brands (SS) I tried - Edge, Levinson, Herron, Chord - and my previous Rogue 99 Magnum that I couldn't resist it. One thing to consider, however, is the ability to rube roll with the C2200 which a solid state unit does not permit. Since owning the C2200 from early Dec 2004 I have replaced the original Chinese tubes with several brands - ElectroHarmonix Gold Pins, Mullards, Telefunken and Amperex - and each change brought a significant change in sound as well as improvement over the stock tubes. I settled on Amperex in the line section with Telefunken in the phono section. Also, adding Walker SST contact enhancer to the tube pins yields even greater sound clarity and punch. Unfortunately, you cannot tube roll a demo for comparison with the SS unit. It is a tough decision. I'm sold on the C2200 and highly recommend it especially if you like fine tuning/tweaking.
I compared them at my dealer. The c200 overall is a better sounding preamp. I thought it's overall presentation of the music was more balanced from top to bottom. Everything
sounded right. The c2200 is excellent and to my ear had a
very accurate and beautiful midrange especially with guitars. Bass was not as good as the c200's. I opted for the c200. Better phono stage with the c200 also.
I actually owned both of these. I hoped they would be a good match to my MC2000 Amp. But these are not musical pre amps. Compared to the Supratek Grange which is close in price to the C-200, it is apples and oranges, the Grange makes the Mcintosh
seem like a Bose Lifestyle System. The C200 is to dark, with no snap, it fared even worse. Buy something else you can do alot better.