McIntosh C220

Can anyone tell me if this tube preamp is good to pair with my old vintage amp McIntosh MC2100? Also like to know hows the sound quality of the C220 compare to others. Thanks.
I opted for the C2200 (recommended to me by Frank Gow) and then upgraded to the C2300. I chose the C2300 over the C220 because 1) meters in case I use non-metered amps 2) MC phono stage 3) able to change pre settings with the remote from my listening position. The C220 is a great entry into Mc seperated but you will yearn to upgrade later on. I can say with my C2300 I have no desire to upgrade. I use my C2300 with a MC452 amp (previously a MC252 amp).
Hi. I bought a used C220 from Audio Classics almost 2 years ago. I can't compare it to anything except the Conrad-Johnson PV-11 (w/phono) that I replaced with it. There might have been a touch more of the "tube magic" with the C-J and the C-J might have been a tiny bit quieter, but the C220 stomped all over it in terms of extension into the bass, soundstage width, ease of use, control flexibility, detail retrieval, and frequency balance. Note that I upgraded to Mullard re-issue tubes, and the C220 became much quieter, a touch warmer, and the highs became smoother, more detailed, and sweeter.

Except for the C2300, my dream preamp, I think I am done as far as preamp upgrades go. I really like this preamp. If you are buying new, try to arrange a home trial with the dealer, so you can hear for yourself. If you are buying used, I can't say enough positive things about Audio Classics. They offer a 7-day return option, so if you're unhappy you can ship it back. Plus, their customer service is among the best in this business, IME.
Thank for the input guys. C2300 is also my dream but, for now I will have to settle and enjoy the C220 until I can save a little more then, trade it for the C2300. Also I'm glad to hear about the C220 giving a better sound stage because, that's exactly what I like to improve on my system.
The C220 is certainly a good preamp. Whether it's a good value, depends on what YOU value. I have an MC275 and when I was after a pre the C220 and C2200 where the natural options, I thought. But you should ask yourself what is REALLY important to you? Value of Mc as a brand, looks, ergonomics (remote, gazillion inputs, input level adjustment, etc), tone controls, phono section, sound quality, price, etc.

After some introspection I came to the conclusion sound was THE driver for me. That is, for a given price point, what is the best sound I can get? I auditioned the C220 and C2200 with my amp and my speakers, and ended up purchasing a Lamm LL2 deluxe. Can't say it's pretty, no remote, 3 inputs, no phono stage. Even 2 volume pots! But I like the sound a lot better than with the C220/C2200 or other. Just fantastic!!! Great match with the 275. There are, of course, other very good preamps from other brands. Let me know if these sound like YOUR drivers and I can look for the short lists of preamps I had.

I hope this helps!
I traded my C220 for the C2300 and it's now hooked up to my MC2100 I must say, it did made a big difference and I have not even roll any tube yet.