McIntosh C15 Vs. C712

I was curious if any one has compared the two? Are there any sonic differences? I like the fact that the C712 has balanced outputs, Do the balanced outputs make a sonic difference with only one meter runs? Thanks!
I've owned both preamps and really can't tell the difference in sound...I do prefer the various loudness control of the C712 much better than the on/off control of the C15...the C712 feels heavier and more substantial, but I don't know that it's any better built...both are great preamps!
I've owned the C712, and for short runs like you mention, there isn't any advantage to using the balanced outs. Are you looking to buy one of these? If so, Mac made a much better preamp in the C37. Not only do you get the balanced outs, you have the unbalanced main outs, and 2 speaker outs, which are essentially 2 additional main outs. You also have the 5-band equalizer, more inputs, and on and on. See for info on all these preamps. On a personal level, I dumped my C712 for the C37, and was the best move I could have made. What's my amp? The MC7200, a fantastic amp!
I have owned many preamps and keep coming back to the C15 because of its simplicity, format, flexibility, and the remote power-on features which I use with the McIntosh power strip. Its a keeper. Right now, it drives an MC-275-Iv and its a great combination running a pair of Totem mani-2s
Thanks for the info! I am looking at the C15 or the C712, I checked out Roger Russells site, lots of great info,I'm running an MC150 with some Klipsch CF-4's, I love the sound, I have also heard great things about the MC7200, The direct-coupled mac amps are suppose to be a great match with Klipsch speakers, though I haven't heard the combo.I'm looking at upgrading to the MC352 in the future.
I own a MX-132 and a MC-162. How do you get the remote power-on feature to work?