McIntosh C1000P

I have read much about the McIntosh C1000T tube preamp on Agon, however are there any comments or feedback about the C1000P solid state preamp. I am interested in purchasing a solid state preamp to matchup with my existing MC-501 monoblocks.
I've never heard the SS version but if you like ss all the way, I don't think you can go wrong. I'm one who likes to use ss amps and tube pre amps. Although I'm going to try pretty much all tubes now with the c500t and mc2301's which are mostly tube mono's but do have a bit of ss in them just to get the power up. Again, I don't think you can go wrong on the c1000 purchase, everything I've read indicates it is world class.

I will have a bit of tube influence due to I will use a tube CDP with the unit. I have an opportunity to pick up this solid state pre amp at a decent price so i don't want to pass up the deal. I was just trying to get some feedback from anyone out there who may have heard this unit
A lot of Mac folks hang out over at in the McIntosh forum (of course). You can probably talk to folks who have tried, or at least demo'ed that combination. I'm also of the opinion that all of the latest Mac gear is built to a very high standard, so life is good. You can always pass it along.