McIntosh C 352 vs. Bel Canto evo

I just got some new 1.6 Maggies and I'm looking to replace my older Mac amp ( MC 2200 )with a "high current" unit with lots of headroom. I've listened to the MC 352, but am told a digital amp like the Bel Canto will work better.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I never heard the Mac but owned the Bel Canto 200.2 with Von Schweikert Vr4 Gen III's and it was the best sound I've had so far. The new Bel Canto eVo2 is supposed to be more powerful. I can't say enough good things about the Bel Canto people - they are first-rate.
I would be the opposite of Sedona, I've owned the 352 but never heard the Bel Canto. There is no doubt the 352 is up there quality wise, so it will be just a matter of taste. If you like your 2200 you will probably love the 352. I had it with the 1.6's, and it was great. Whoever told you the Bel Canto will work "better" is an idiot. You might like it better. Sometimes a change is good. But ultimately it's what you prefer. Sometimes advice is good in the case of a potential mismatch, but either of these are worthy. Good luck. The 1.6's are great.
It depends if you like that kind of sound. On HE 2001 in NY I hade extensively listen to Grand Utopias with dCS+Accuphase source and Lamm monoblocks (the best sound for me), two years latter Grand Utopias Be on HE 2003 in SF was playing with Bell Canto (digital amps).
Wow what a change, I would not placed it in TOP 20 (not kidding), I even did not liked it, I shoud have it this price. I do not know for sure who was the culprit, new Utopias or this digital staff. But you know whom I suspect to...
I would go with the MC352. I never listen to the Bel Canto so I can't really compare. But the look of the Mcintosh is way superior to the Bel Canto.

No experience with the Bel Canto but I love my MC352. I have had it for about 2 yrs and it does a fine job. I have some Infinity Kappa 7's 1st gen. And they are all over the road for impedance and the Mc just drives them effortlessly. Check the used on both I think you'll find that the Mc will hold it's value down the road. And the bonus in all this is the big blue meters.
If you like your 2200, you will LOVE the 352. It is more of the same but much cleaner and more authority (I know the 2205 pretty well). The MC352 is one of the best amps I have ever heard. One day I will have one. You will finally get some beautiful Mc blue meters too!

The Bel Canto (original 200 I think it was) was too lean and cool for me but it was auditioned out of context. Take care - Arthur
The MC352 blows the earlier McIntosh amps away for dynamics, bass and midrange. I've had several 2105s, a 2205...and even a "honking" MC2600 but, in my opinion the MC352 is a better amp.